About me

Hi, My Name is DJ

My lens is my conduit to capture not just moments, but the rich tapestry of emotions and nuances woven into each frame.
Muay Thai, with its grace and power, serves as a compelling muse for my photography. I seek to freeze the essence of this martial art – the intensity of the fighters, the fluidity of their movements, and the raw energy pulsating within the ring.
Photography, for me, is more than just a creative outlet; it's a means of storytelling and connection.


Timeless Style

In my photography, I cultivate a gritty and timeless aesthetic that delves deep into the raw and unfiltered emotions of the human experience. Each frame is a testament to the beauty found within imperfection, where flaws are celebrated as integral parts of the narrative. Through the lens of my camera, I strip away the layers of superficiality to reveal the authentic essence of my subjects. Whether it's the weathered lines etched on a face, the intensity of a fleeting glance, or the untamed energy coursing through a scene, I seek to immortalize moments that resonate with raw honesty and profound emotion. My style transcends fleeting trends, offering viewers a timeless glimpse into the depth and complexity of the human spirit.

Not A Decade of Experience

Despite being relatively new to the photography scene, my work is imbued with a fervent passion that sets it apart. Every frame I capture is infused with genuine enthusiasm and a hunger to learn and grow. While I may lack the years of experience some may possess, I make up for it with an insatiable curiosity and dedication to my craft. Each click of my camera is a step forward on my journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.